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Comments by a Painter
What exactly is it about a picture that moves us?
In our modern age, is it actually possible for a painting to touch us so deeply that it makes us shiver? Or do paintings produce no real effect?
That s how it sometimes seems to me.
Maybe it should be embarrassing to me as a painter that I try to discover something in this wordless, non-narrative art form. And yet, I cannot stop painting.



 "Afterimage of Monochrome"  Gallery G,Hiroshima June 2019

"Ost-West /West-Ost"   artmark – Die Kunstgalerie in Wien 2017
 ウィーンでのグループ展 アートマークギャラリー・ウィーン
 Frederic Berger-Cardi | Norio Kajiura | Imi Mora | Karl Mostböck |
 Osamu Nakajima |Fritz Ruprechter  |  Nobutaka Ueda | Chen Xi

"Dawn of Gods"  ーEncounter of Venus, and Spiritual Landscape, East and West
  Oita Prefectural Art Museum 「神々の黄昏」 大分県立美術館 2015-2016

"Marriage of art and science ―Utsurobune" Taro Okamoto Museum of Art
 「芸術と科学の婚姻ー虚舟」 岡本太郎美術館/川崎  2011-2012

"Yutaka Matsuzawa and Nine Pillars : Nine aspects,toward Parinirvana"
  Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art  2004-2005
 「松澤宥と九つの柱 パリニルヴァーナに向って」 広島市現代美術館 2004-2005


Entelechie 7*  1996  100cm×100cm 
Onomichi YMCA college of Human Service

Flame and Silence 1  2012   91㎝×73㎝
Hotehama eye clinic

Afterimage of monochrome 5  2016  33cm×45.5cm
private collection

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